Centre for Global Energy Studies

The Centre for Global Energy Studies was founded in 1990 by Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, Minister for Petroleum and Mineral Resources of Saudi Arabia (1962-1986).

The Centre's main objective is to analyse the key energy issues of the day and serve as a forum for the discussion of important energy-related matters. The Centre aims to promote international co-operation between energy consumers and producers, exporters, governments and energy companies, in the interest of achieving a better world energy order.

David Long and Margaret Chadwick are CGES Associates and regular contributors to the CGES Monthly Oil Report and the bi-monthly Global Oil Insight.

Executive Summaries from recent articles by David Long and Margaret Chadwick published in the CGES Global Oil Insight (formerly Global Oil Report) are available in the OPRA archive.

Strategic Hedging: Balancing Risk and Reward in the Oil Industry is a joint study by Oxford Petroleum Research Associates and the CGES, published by the CGES.