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Abbey Shakespeare Players 2004: Pericles

Pericles was performed from Wednesday 4 - Saturday 7 August, 2004. Many thanks to all who came to see it. Despite being a relatively unknown play there was a great turnout and we enjoyed near perfect weather during the run.

Pericles is a tale of sea-journeys, of storms and pirates, and - above all - of love lost and found. The play's action takes place at sea and in six cities of the eastern Mediterranean. It provides great opportunities for both spectacle and music, which have become the hallmarks of ABBEY SHAKESPEARE PLAYERS' productions.

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A man whom both the waters and the wind In that vast tennis court hath made the ball For them to play upon...

Pericles was one of Shakespeare's most popular plays in his own lifetime. Yet for many years it was not performed. Recently a number of productions have shown what a gripping and moving work it is - especially in its depiction of the relationships between Pericles, his wife Thaisa and his daughter Marina.

This is the rarest dream that e'er dull sleep Did mock sad fools withal: this cannot be...

Pericles is the first of Shakespeare's late romances. In these plays the leading characters suffer numerous misadventures before ultimately achieving happiness. THE ABBEY SHAKESPEARE PLAYERS have already performed the other late romances - The Winter's Tale (1992), The Tempest (1997) and Cymbeline (1998) - with great success.