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"The Dream", 2000

A Midsummer Night's Dream showed in St. Dogmaels Abbey from 9th - 12th August 2000. Thanks to all actors and crew involved. If you came to see the show, we hope you enjoyed it.

Many thanks to Terry Ram for directing the play. The cast list is shown below.


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Theseus John Skevington
Hippolyta Linda Kirk
Hermia Abbey Wright
Lysander Ed Long
Demetrius Joe Kao
Helena Georgia Black
Egeus Richard Morris
Philostrate Ian Wood
Oberon Matthew Bellwood
Titania Georgina Ferry
Puck Linda Kitchen
Peaseblossom Chris Booker
Cobweb Helen Cooles
Moth Jane Morris
Mustardseed Helena Clowes
Indian Boy Harry Bosworth
Peter Quince Graham Ellis
Nick Bottom/Pyramus Richard Carwardine
Francis Flute/Thisbe Martyn Wigley
Tom Snout/Wall Will Long
Snug/Lion Mike Hall
Robin Starveling/Moonshine Henry Morris
Attendants Naomi Tummons, Eva Morris, Ann & Tony Shepherd

The Crew:

Props Penny Miltiadou & Claire Smoothy
Choreography Helen Cooles
Composer Richard Morris
Technical Director David Long
Musical Drector Julian Cima