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Abbey Shakespeare 2001: The Comedy of Errors

The Comedy of Errors played in St Dogmael's Abbey from August 8th-11th at 8:00pm. We hope you enjoyed the performance.
Shakespeare's hilarious comedy of mistaken identity reunites two sets of long-lost twin brothers in the Mediterranean city of Ephesus - but not before they and the townsfolk have been plunged into chaos and confusion. In the market square, where merchants trade, mountebanks cheat and courtesans flatter, a series of bizarre encounters lands one brother in love and the other in gaol - until a surprising revelation unravels the tangled chain of events and the family is finally reunited. With nightclub songs composed especially for this production by Richard Morris and performed live, this was a fast-paced and atmospheric production.

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Cast List:

Solinus, Duke of Ephesus John Skevington
Egeon, Merchant of Syracuse Richard Morris
Aemelia, Wife to Egeon/Abbess Linda Kirk
Antipholus of Syracuse Ed Long
Antipholus of Ephesus Joe Kao
Adriana, Wife to Antipholus of Ephesus Georgina Ferry
Luciana, Sister of Adriana Amy Levene
Dromio of Syracuse, Servant of Antipholus Matthew Bellwood
Dromio of Ephesus, Servant of Antipholus Richard Carwardine
Luce (Nell), Adriana's maid Georgia Black
Courtesan Linda Kitchen
Balthasar, a Merchant Clive Burgess
Angelo, a Goldsmith Barney Jeffries
First Merchant Tony Shepherd
Second Merchant Mike Hall
Dr Pinch, a Schoolmaster and Conjuror Ian Wood
Officer/Gaoler Henry Morris
Messenger Cecil Williams
Stage Musicians Linda Kitchen, Jane Morris,
Georgia Black, Laura Ashby
Attendants and Cafe society Tony Shepherd, Ann Shepherd,
Helena Clewes, Jen Carrick


Director Terry Ram
Musical Director/Composer Richard Morris
Lighting/Tech David Long, Gideon Baker
Costume/Wardrobe Chris Booker/Amy Levene
Props Penny Miltiadou
Front of House Jane Hall, Val Fletcher


KeyboardsJulian Cima,
Sue Cima
ViolinsJackie Cima,
Gideon Baker,
Barney Jeffries
HornHilary Lewis
ClarinetsFern Norris
Karen Bowman