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Abbey Shakespeare Players 2017: Richard II


Richard II, King of England Matthew Bellwood
Queen, Richard's wife Kathryn Oliver
John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, Richard's uncle Richard Carwardine
Henry Bolingbroke, Duke of Hereford, Gaunt's son Joe Kao
Duke of York, Richard's uncle Richard Mitchley
Duchess of York Georgina Ferry
Duke of Aumerle, York's son Oscar Stafford
Duchess of Gloucester, widow of Duke of Gloucester Linda Kirk
Earl of Northumberland Ian Wood
Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk John Holtorp
Duke of Surrey Phil Gerken
Bushy Ed Long
Bagot Joel Pearcey
Green Tony Shepherd
Bishop of Carlisle Geoffrey Summers
Abbot of Westminster Linda Kirk
Welsh Captain Richard Carwardine
Lord Ross Henry Morris
Lord Willoughby Simon Beattie
Lord Fitzwater Will Long
Heralds Ann Christys, Ann Shepherd
Gardener Richard Carwardine
Prince Hal, Bolingbroke's son Gabriel Pearcey
Lady in Waiting, to the Queen Jane Morris
Servant, to the Duke of York Hermione Miltiadou
Groom, of Richard's stable Felix Power
Philippa, Bolingbroke's daughter Cosima Pearcey


Director Amy Levene
Assistant Directors Will Long, Henry Morris
Composer Richard Morris
Lighting Designer & Technical Director David Long
Costumes Stephanie Ross
Musical Associate Henry Ward
Sound Dominic Hargreaves
Technical Assistants Peter Oliver, Bernard Smith, Jerry Ross
Wardrobe Assistants Ann Shepherd, Penny Miltiadou, Jilly Price
Props Penny Miltiadou
Publicity Design Daniel Clatworthy
Front of House Jane Hall, Sue Jones, Janet Paynter
Set Robert Fitzmartin & Henry VIII


Flute Eric Sheldon
Recorder Ann Christys
Oboe Simon Denison
Clarinets Katy Lawrence, Carwyn Thomas
Bassoon Anne Startup
Trumpets Ben Richards, Dan Webster
Percussion Ann Christys, Oliver Llewellyn-Smith, Dan Webster
Keyboard Jean Smith
Singers Ann Christys, John Holtorp, Ed Long, Jane Morris, Ann Shepherd, Tony Shepherd, Judy Williamson, Emily Williamson